headshotMy name is John Hanes. I’m a research psychologist who does science-based communication skills and productivity coaching and consulting. I’m based in Prague, Czech Republic.

What experience, knowledge, skills, and abilities do I have that can help you?

In 10 years of professional experience I’ve coached:

  • executive managers cultivate their mental experience to deal with the stress, and improve leadership and negotiation skills
  • lawyers to argue more effectively in court
  • people in media perform under the spotlight
  • scientists to deliver engaging talks and presentations
  • people to improve their career and work through other life transitions
  • people to balance their work and life for increased satisfaction

In my coaching I use research-based methods drawn from:

  • Cognitive, Behavioral, and Social Psychology
  • Behavioral, Affective, and Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Mindfulness Meditation and Medical Hypnosis
  • Positive and Humanistic Psychology
  • Psycholinguistics

In 9 years of study at The Ohio State University , I:

  • earned BA degrees in Psychology (Dean’s List) and Philosophy (Honor’s Track)
  • studied Cognitive Science (psychology, philosophy, linguistics) at the PhD level
  • did research with chimpanzees investigating primate cognition, language ability, and behavior at the OSU Department of Psychology‘s Primate Center
  • performed behavioral therapy with autistic children to modify and shape behavior

While at OSU I studied and conducted research in the #2 ranked Social Psychology department in the US investigating:

  • social cognition
  • rapport building
  • non-conscious and automatic processes like cognitive, emotional, and behavioral priming
  • the unconscious influence of body language
  • social learning and influence
I also:

As a life-long student I’m continuing my education online at:


In partnership with:


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