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August 28, 2012



Finding Balance

August 21, 2012


Balance can be defined as an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain steady and upright. Balance seems to be much more and is important in all aspects of our lives. Homeostasis, one of the needs described by Maslow, is the need for the human body to maintain the balance of its […]

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: An Overview

August 14, 2012


(Related: Maslow’s Hierarchy: The Physiological Needs 1 – Air and Water) We have a lot of needs. It’s often hard to understand how they relate and where they fall in terms of priority. Understanding our needs we can answer questions like: How does a drug addict rationalize their need for a drug at the expense […]

Lessons from NASA: How to overcome the impossible

August 9, 2012


Human curiosity is a powerful motivator. It pushes us to look and go farther then we previously thought possible. After a few millennia of looking at the sky and wondering what it’s like up there so far away, we’re now able to build machines that give us a front row seat. The Mars rover Curiosity […]