Gestures and Body Language: Eyes

Posted on September 19, 2013


This information comes from reading over 25 psychology and law enforcement training manual’s. Enjoy!

Specifics About the Eyes

via Gestures and Body Language: Eyes

A person’s eyes dilate strongly when they are very stimulated and in a problem solving mode. At maximum dilation, the person is ready to make a decision which is more likely to be positive.

An eyebrow raise is a sign that a person isn’t threatening. When you eye brow raise someone they will often smile. This is a very submissive sign or at least is perceived that way.

The first person to look away after first meeting is the more submissive.

If a person is maintaining strong eye contact they are either, interested in you if their eyes are dilated or challenging you if their eyes are constricted.

If someone gives you a sideways glance, look at their eye brows. If they are raised, they like you, if not, they don’t.

The most threatening look is achieved by moving narrowed eyes first to your target then followed by a head move.