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The Anatomy of Fear

October 18, 2012


Watch this video of Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic free fall from 31.33 km (19.47 miles). In this situation, what would you be most afraid of? For most people it’s very likely acrophobia, the fear of heights, and the fear of losing control and crashing. For many, just watching the video makes their hair stand up. Other […]

How to Argue Better: Recognizing the 12 Most Common Logical Fallacies

October 5, 2012


I. Argument and debate is something most of us do every day. To be clear, by argument I don’t mean a quarrel or fight, the sort of argument where people get angry and call each other names. I mean argument in terms of debate, making a rational case for a certain point of view. If you learn […]

The Importance of Having Work-Life Balance

October 4, 2012


Modern life is both easier and difficult in many ways. We usually don’t have to worry about being attacked by predators or starvation, but we’re also overburdened by a cultural ideal of success and materialism that our ancestors didn’t really have to deal with. We live in such a connected world that it seems that […]