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Michael Bay’s stagefright has done us all a favour|

January 8, 2014


The gags were inevitable. Within minutes of Transformers director Michael Bay\’s panicked exit from a presentation at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas – apparently overcome with stagefright after the autocue broke down – Twitter was sniggering that at last he had done what thousands of others had wanted to do before him: he\’d […]

Crash Course in Body Language

December 18, 2013


Language and Your Brain

November 18, 2013


Seeing Pictures of Home Can Make It Harder To Speak a Foreign Language | Surprising Science

November 18, 2013


If you’ve ever attempted to move to a foreign country and learn to speak the local language, you’re aware that successfully doing so is an enormous challenge. But in our age of widely distributed Wi-Fi hotspots, free Skype video calls from one hemisphere to another and favorite TV shows available anywhere in the world over the web, speaking […]

The Benefits of Bilingualism –

November 6, 2013


SPEAKING two languages rather than just one has obvious practical benefits in an increasingly globalized world. But in recent years, scientists have begun to show that the advantages of bilingualism are even more fundamental than being able to converse with a wider range of people. Being bilingual, it turns out, makes you smarter. It can […]

Gestures and Body Language: Eyes

September 19, 2013


This information comes from reading over 25 psychology and law enforcement training manual’s. Enjoy! Specifics About the Eyes via Gestures and Body Language: Eyes A person’s eyes dilate strongly when they are very stimulated and in a problem solving mode. At maximum dilation, the person is ready to make a decision which is more likely to […]

Learning New Language Has Significant Impact on Brain Structure

September 4, 2013


It has been suggested before by experts that a great way to make one’s brain healthier is by learning a new language. Second language boosts brain power. A previous study conducted by researchers at Lund University showed that learning a new language actually makes parts of the brain grow. According to a new joint study, learning a […]