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10 Job Interview Myths Debunked – Forbes

October 21, 2013


You probably get a little nervous before you go into a job interview. Even if you’ve copiously prepped, you figure the interviewer will hold all the cards. She knows everything about her company and the job you want, and she’s got a vision of the perfect employee that doesn’t exactly describe you. Not so, says […]

‘Magic Mushrooms’ Can Improve Psychological Health Long Term

October 13, 2013


Originally posted on Health & Family:
The psychedelic drug in magic mushrooms may have lasting medical and spiritual benefits, according to new research from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. The mushroom-derived hallucinogen, called psilocybin, is known to trigger transformative spiritual states, but at high doses it can also result in “bad trips” marked by terror…

Physical Exercise Beefs Up the Brain –

October 11, 2013


Boost your brainpower. Train your brain. These days its hard not to become distracted by ads for the latest program that promises to help you learn faster and hold onto memories longer. Regular aerobic exercise has been associated with increased cognitive abilities, including benefits to learning and memory.But, even as scientists continue to explore the […]

Chimpanzees of a feather sit together: Friendships are based on similar personalities

October 11, 2013


Like humans, many animals have close and stable friendships. However, until now, it has been unclear what makes particular individuals bond. Cognitive Biologists of the University of Vienna, Austria, and the University of Zurich, Switzerland, explored the question and found that chimpanzees choose their friendships based on similarity of personality. The results of this study […]

5 Things Super Successful People Do Before 8 AM – Forbes

October 9, 2013


Rise and shine! Morning time just became your new best friend. Love it or hate it, utilizing the morning hours before work may be the key to a successful and healthy lifestyle. That’s right, early rising is a common trait found in many CEOs, government officials, and other influential people. Margaret Thatcher was up every […]

Famous Personality Types According to the MBTI

October 8, 2013


The MBTI personality test is used a lot in business and coaching settings. It’s somewhat accurate though the Big 5 factor model is considered standard in scientific psychology and has far more empirical support. But the MBTI is still a fun and interesting way to look at personality and our differences.

8 Indisputable Reasons Why We Dont Need Offices – Forbes

October 3, 2013


Looking back a decade or so ago it was absolutely essential to have an office, or more likely, a cubicle. That’s where we had meetings, saw our coworkers, and just got work done. But today do we really need corporate offices?  New technologies allow us to “connect to work,” meaning that all we need to […]