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Steven Pinker: The surprising decline in violence | Talk Video |

July 20, 2014


If you’re upset by all of the horror going on in the world recently then watch this. It offers valuable perspective about how we’re living in the most peaceful time in human history despite it seeming the very opposite. Steven Pinker, psycholinguistics professor at MIT, goes into the cold hard facts and a little informed […]

A Short Easy Breathing Exercise to Relieve Stress

March 13, 2014


Finding Meaning at Work, Even When Your Job Is Dull – Morten Hansen and Dacher Keltner – Harvard Business Review

December 5, 2013


Do you experience meaning at work — or just emptiness? In the United States people spend on average 35 – 40 hours working every week. That’s some 80,000 hours during a career — more time than you will spend with your kids probably. Beyond the paycheck, what does work give you? Few questions could be […]

The mind at midlife

December 2, 2013


Ask those who’ve entered the thick of middle age what they think about their mental capacities and you’re likely to hear a slew of complaints — their brains don’t work as quickly as they used to, they’re distractable and unfocused, and they can never remember anyone’s name. While some of these complaints reflect real declines […]

Increasing Empathy | Psychology Today

November 28, 2013


The world abounds with conflicts, from international clashes all the way down to domestic disputes. One valuable method for resolving disputes is empathy—getting a better emotional understanding of other people. A new technique for mapping emotional values has potential for increasing empathy by helping people to grasp their own values as well as those of […]

Famous Personality Types According to the MBTI

October 8, 2013


The MBTI personality test is used a lot in business and coaching settings. It’s somewhat accurate though the Big 5 factor model is considered standard in scientific psychology and has far more empirical support. But the MBTI is still a fun and interesting way to look at personality and our differences.

Why you should learn to lucid dream

September 24, 2013


Lucid dreaming is when you experience full consciousness while dreaming. You know that you are in a dream and you discover that you can do absolutely anything you like in it. What generally causes you to become conscious without waking up is when you notice something so incongruous that you would never see in real […]